Find out the meaning of "lookism" and the factors that affect it.


According to Desir and Tietje (2005) lookism is a prejudicial attitude conferred to people because of their physical appearance. It can most likely happen to anyone at any time and in any place. If you have been treated differently because of your appearance, then you have been a victim of lookism already. Although people who experience lookism experience it negatively, some do experience it in a positive way. Let us inform you more.

There are quite a handful of factors that affect to the occurrence of lookism but these are the most common ones.


As the saying goes, age doesn’t matter well that might be possibly true in lookism. Anyone can experience lookism whether you are young or on the verge of your death. It is inevitable not to get judged or discriminated.


Most of the people who experience lookism are those who have bigger built therefore they are more likely to experience oppression and unequal distribution of privileges.


The infamous “racism” which separates nations from each other. It has been here since the old times and it might never go away. Like racism, lookism is discrimination too but this time it focuses on how a person looks. For short, it is instant judgement.


Whatever you think of yourself, you are still subject to discrimination or judgement. No one is excepted. People are sometimes scared to what they don't understand. A person's genetic structure don't define their qualities, traits and preferences.