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Fashion as basis?

Too short. Too long. Too simple. Too ornamented. Too girly. Too boyish. There are endless boundaries, restrictions and limitations to what we should wear. They say, "you are what you wear". While a person expresses their identity through clothes, society uses this as their basis. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Fashion changes constantly through generations. It shows what it is like to live in that time. For example, In the 60s, people used to wear clothes that generously cover the body. It consists of neutral colors and the look was very formal in comparison today. It made sense since the world was in the brink of war. People don't have time much time to invest in extra materials. In the 80s people used to wear high-waisted shorts, pants or skirts. The color palettes are very vibrant and fun. In a sense, fashion defines your status in the society.

But how all of this is connected to what we are experiencing today? It's everything. Today, fashion trends almost change every now and then. With the society turning into a multicultural one. However, standards was set because of fashion. What became a functional use to covering our body in ancient times now turned into a character. What we wear is who we are. It became a trademark. Some people remember celebrities by their style: their lipstick, shoes, dresses, hats and many more. Media plays huge role in this. People are instructed by ideas from the advertisments. They say that "this is the latest trend" or "limited editions". Surely, you will be tempted.

Human nature, by theory of natural selection, says that we tend to do everything we can to survive. This instinct of being the greatest indulges us to have the latest and be the best. Impressions is a big factor in why we dress up. Or else people will think of us as "poor", "uneducated" and more. There is no one way to solve this problem. However, it's best that we should be aware that even though fashion sends a message or idea, it is still not the character. We are who we are by being a whole person.

Fashion is an expression. But, it doesn't mean it's the only way you can express yourself.