People told me

I look ugly with my freckles but they didn't know I have skin allergy.
Look through me, not at me.

People told you

that you are different. But in a world full of 7 billion people,
aren't we all different?

Have you ever been discriminated because of your physical appearance? Does the way you dress affect how society treats you? If so, then you might be a victim of lookism. We are a team dedicated to show people what they don't see.


How often do you look at a person and think "why are they like that"? Have you ever been oppressed because you look different? We are here to show you how and why. Reflect and react. Change starts when you realize your mistakes and their mistakes.


We are all a victim of lookism but we are also oftentimes the suspect. Only few people take action. Lookism is a universal matter. Do you want to change? Do you want to be given guidance? Do you want to help other people? Be the start.


Changing my face. Changing my phase.

Hello! I am Diana. You might recognize my face a few years ago. But now, you won't even be able to guess my name even if you know me. I don't even know myself too anymore. This is the story of how one opinion changed my life.


Fashion as basis?

Too short. Too long. Too simple. Too ornamented. Too girly. Too boyish. There are endless boundaries, restrictions and limitations to what we should wear. They say, "you are what you wear". While a person expresses their identity through clothes, society uses this as their basis. Shouldn't it be the other way around? They wear it because they want you to understand it.