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Changing my face.
Changing my phase.

Hello! I am Diana. You might recognize my face a few years ago. But now, you won't even be able to guess my name even if you know me. I don't even know myself too anymore. This is the story of how one opinion changed my life.

When I was a kid, I really liked the perfect Barbie doll just like every other girls when they were young. She has a gorgeous long blonde hair, a proportional sleek body shape, a deep blue eyes, and an ideal facial features. More of that, she also seems like have a perfect life in her perfect home. But I didn't mind about it at all. My mother always says I am her "perfect little daughter". I was the "Barbie doll" of their lives. I felt confident and proud. But as I grew old, every thing started to change.

When school started, I had the confidence other kids didn't have. I always recited at class, performed in school plays and participated in other activities. I was so confident with myself. Anything was achievable. However, things started to turn terrible when puberty started. I know it sounds crazy but there are some unlucky people who undergo a "bad" physical change when faced with adolescence. So, as I grew older my set of friends also changed. Here;s my tip for you, surround yourself with the best group of friends who can support you. Don't be the kid who's trying to fit in because, trust me, no one will ever fit anywhere. We're all unique.

I told you that because I learned from my mistakes. Being the trying kid, I had to follow the norms of my new friends because if I wouldn't, I'll be bullied. And so I did. I changed my lifestyle. I was losing track of school: my grades plummeted. I was becoming a rebel to my parents. I spent my weekends at parties and parks. Until, it came to a point that I was faced with depression. Being depressed, a lot of uncomfortable things will come to your mind. One of which is the temptation to undergo plastic surgery. And I did. I'm going to cut my story here because I'd like to point out the journey where it lead to. Please be your own version.

For me, diverse individuals contribute forming the shape of the nation. Be a good one.