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A modern take on fashion. Valli aims to provide exemplary clothing e-commerce experience in tandem with assurance of quality. Founded in 2020, with the vision of bringing you exceptional clothing with a click of a button. Customer is the drive and the heart of our operation.


Valli Corporation


UI Design, Graphic Design, WordPress Development



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About the Project

Valli is a new Manila-based clothing brand aiming to be at the top of the game in clothing in the Philippines and other countries. With a goal in mind, I set out to work on the project remotely in the time of the pandemic, but still hand-in-hand with my clients. With a limited time and budget allocated and a pre-installed WordPress theme ready, they asked me to build a website that would: 1) Convert traffic into sales. 2) Create brand awareness. and 3) Establish loyal customers.

"She have provided not only the work that was expected but went beyond that of the scope of work, which have provided us a market study of everything that would help the website and the brand to have an advantage over competitors.

Christian Ong
Managing Director | Valli Corporation


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2,237 php

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1.6% - 1.9%

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