Alyssa Maac


Supernova is a bubblegum concept made for teenagers who are exploring and getting ready to step into a new phase in their life. We created a product and campaign that encourages them to discover something new.


Group Project


UI Design, Illustration, Graphic Design



About the Project

In one of our graphic design subjects, we were formed into groups to make our own bubblegum product to answer a problem, “why do people chew gum less nowadays?”. We made our own name, branding, and marketing strategy. After research, we found that bubblegum has bad effects so we need to reformulate and transform into something new. And who will better try to a new product rather than the ‘teenagers’? We called our product “Supernova”.


The name of the product comes from a star. One of the stages of a star is it transforms into a “Supernova”. A supernova briefly “outshine entire galaxies and radiate more energy than our sun will in its entire lifetime”. Like humans, when we reach our teens, this is where we start to define what we want to do. We created a user persona as our basis for this product. We imagined her to be full of energy, unafraid to take risks, confused, and and starting to get on her own.

Campaign Strategy

We planned to introduce four flavors. We based the flavor names from the stages of the star: “Melonebula” for melon flavor, “Minterstellar” for mint flavor, “Super Giant Cherry” for cherry, and “Astralberry” for blueberry. We’d love for pre-teens to try something new so we wanted to incorporate pop-rocks to our bubblegum. The “pop-rocks” make every bite explode with a new and unique taste and texture that simulates their new feeling.

Length: 3 Months | October – December
Pre-Launch: Print Ads, Poster, Billboard, Guerilla Ads (Spaceship Themed Train and Elevator)
Launch: Event, Poster, Giveaways (Keychain, Flyer), Video Commercial
Post-Launch: Poster, Billboard, Sponsorships, Commercial

Product Launch

For the launch we have two main plans, to tour schools and to held events. The event includes exhibits where teenagers are free to create their own inventions or any ideas. We would tour to schools, and malls, bringing new experience to them through a showcase. There would also be free giveaways such as foldable flyers and key chain. To support the product launch, I also created an additional website where they can view the commercial and product. For our final product pitch, we created a diorama of what the product launch would look like.


One of the things we really want to feature in the product launch is the commercial. The story is about a teen who walks by the mirror and sees a reflection of herself and all the future possibilities after tasting the gum. Her 18th birthday, her college graduation, her business a CEO. A brief glimpse of being a scientist, a musician, and being an astronaut. Finally, it ends with her own reflection in the mirror where she figures that she only need to explore for a bright future.